NG40-E: wide modulation, high performance, and installation flexibility

Modulation - NG40-E

Modular components with an editable layout

Modulation, performance and flexibility are guaranteed by the different versions available of the fan, which can be combined with mixers of different sizes and orientations.

NG40-E has three different scroll case versions depending on the mixers to be installed:

  • Small sizes venturi (M21)
  • Big sizes venturi (M28)​
  • Standard version to install other mixers like 390

Regardless of which mixer is installed, the main features of NG40-E are:


  • Made of die-cast aluminium
  • Divergent venturi
  • Outlet flanges in many designs


  • In antistatic plastic material

Mixer (sold separately)

  • Different sizes available
  • Installable with several orientations

Brushless motor

  • 230V-50Hz controlled by PWM

Version with only Hall sensor

  • Within a package with electronic

Motor protection cap

  • 3 different positions (rotation at 120°)

NG40-E functions are:

  • Wide modulation (10:1)
  • High performance
  • Low noise
  • Modular & installation flexibility
  • Compact design

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