877 Integra Modula: the integration that reduces supply chain complexity, keeping design flexibility, and ease of service

Integration - with hall-sensor only

All the SIT combustion expertise embedded into one integrated system​

877 INTEGRA MODULA represents the integration of different components that guarantee flexibility, thanks to the 7 positions the fan can assume, compactness, for the slim design of the different parts, and ease of maintenance, thanks to the opportunity of replacing every single component individually.

877 INTEGRA MODULA is a modular integrated system specifically designed to operate in domestic appliances using premix burners with Flexa Iono.

877 INTEGRA MODULA consists of high efficiency and high modulation brushless fan, one gas valve with two shutters, a pressure regulator, flow modulator driven by a stepper motor and an air-gas mixer.

As far regards the electronic, it is available in three different arrangements:

  • The simplest 877 INTEGRA MODULA: its fan board has the hall-sensor only and it can be used in the appliances with a fan driver embedded in the CMS main board​
  • The most versatile 877 INTEGRA MODULA: it integrates the fan driver and can be applied in the appliances with a CMS that allows driving the system through the signals to the valve and the fan​
  • The cleverest 877 INTEGRA MODULA: it integrates on its electronic board also Flexa Iono, controlling by itself valve and fan. The appliance electronic has to take care of the comfort features only​

In all its three versions, 877 INTEGRA MODULA is particularly compact in dimensions and allows to get an extremely wide modulation range in the appliance, up to 1:20.
Moreover, the connections could have several angular relative positions and so as to be easily fitted in the appliance.


  • Multifunctional control with pressure regulator and motorised flow
  • High modulation fan
  • Integrated mixer​

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