A lifetime continuous parameters optimization process that always guarantees comfort and efficiency

Flexa Iono solution represents a combination of products and expertise that together enable higher modulation, improving efficiency and reducing consumption. In particular, Flexa Iono provides an outstanding result in terms of:
Gas adaptivity: detection and reaction to the gas composition over time;
Efficiency: high performances in every ambient condition;
Low Emissions: continuous Optimal Lambda regulation.

Flexa Iono perfectly fits heating applications with a high modulation range and offers a unique Plasma Pulse intelligence to analyse the flame and provide the best gas adaptivity.

Flexa Iono, based on flame analysis, electrically manages the NG40-E blower and the 877 Elektra gas valve in order to target the correct air/gas ratio keeping the application in the Optimal Lambda Region.

Moreover, Flexa Iono’s capability of high modulation ratio provides advantages in terms of:

  • Stable regulation at low heating load avoiding ON/OFF cycling
  • Fast reaction to the DHW request with stable hot water flow temperature control
  • Extended appliance longevity due to less mechanical and thermal stress

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