Flexa Iono control board: where everything originates

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The multi platform board for your applications

Flexa Iono control board interacts with the other components of the system and with the same hardware manages premix gas adaptive and pneumatic applications.

Flexa Iono control board is a multi platform board, able to detect automatically the application technology and manage 877 Elektra gas valve in gas adaptive appliances and 848 Sigma gas valve in pneumatic appliances.


Main features:

  • Burner management: ignition, detection and analysis
  • Single or double electrode
  • Hydro block management
  • Safety embedded
  • Comfort regulation with customisation flexibility
  • Integrated fan driver (optional)
  • Scalable user interface: integrated or external with custom layout
  • Connected thanks to the different implementation protocols
  • Advanced software for preventive maintenance

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